What VSCode extensions do I use

What VSCode extensions do I use

Display all extensions installed

$ code --list-extensions | xargs -L 1 echo code --install-extension

List with my VSCode extensions

code --install-extension aeschli.vscode-css-formatter
code --install-extension bmewburn.vscode-intelephense-client
code --install-extension dbaeumer.vscode-eslint
code --install-extension donjayamanne.githistory
code --install-extension eamodio.gitlens
code --install-extension EditorConfig.EditorConfig
code --install-extension golang.go
code --install-extension Gruntfuggly.todo-tree
code --install-extension johnpapa.vscode-peacock
code --install-extension ms-azuretools.vscode-docker
code --install-extension ms-vscode.vscode-typescript-tslint-plugin
code --install-extension octref.vetur
code --install-extension oderwat.indent-rainbow
code --install-extension rangav.vscode-thunder-client
code --install-extension redhat.vscode-yaml
code --install-extension streetsidesoftware.code-spell-checker
code --install-extension usernamehw.errorlens
code --install-extension vscode-icons-team.vscode-icons
code --install-extension wix.vscode-import-cost
code --install-extension zhuangtongfa.material-theme

CSS formatter


code --install-extension aeschli.vscode-css-formatter



code --install-extension dbaeumer.vscode-eslint

Thunder Client for VS Code

Thunder Client is Hand-crafted lightweight Rest Client for Testing APIs. The official documentation explains all the features and limitations.


code --install-extension rangav.vscode-thunder-client


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