NodeJS Tests with microservices, Jenkins and Docker

Hi, this is my journey trying to add tests for a microservice architectured built with nodejs. I would need to use Jenkins and Docker.

This article is a dev log starting from nowhere (is not totally true, but I would like to make it sounds worst than in reality). I have an microservice architecture which connects its services through RabbitMQ, message broker and redis in place. So running integration tests, I need an environment capable of this.

I don’t know which is the right approach, but time will be my fellow.

I read few things trying to setup the testing environment:


The default test file, to check that mocha, chai, nuxt and axios works as expected is this:

import nock from 'nock'
import { describe, it } from 'mocha'
import { expect } from 'chai'
import axios from 'axios'

describe('Initial test', function () {
  it('should be equals with 2', function () {
    expect(1 + 1).equals(2)

describe('Test Nock', function () {
  const baseUrl = ''

  it('should use nock for request', async function () {
    const expectedResponse = { hello: 'world' }
    nock(baseUrl).get('/').reply(200, expectedResponse)

    const response = await axios(baseUrl, {
      method: 'GET',
      url: '/'



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