You don't need a macbook pro to be a pro

You don't need a macbook pro to be a pro

You don’t need a macbook pro to be a pro! You need a laptop and internet connection, and a brain, but you already have it.


There was a moment in my life when I need a new computer to satisfy my needs as a beginner developer.

At that moment I thought that I need a new laptop to offer me the flexibility and to do code.

I got it and I improved myself. After that i3 laptop, I discovered the dev tools, my 4GB of memory is not enough so I thought: I need more RAM.

I bought 4GB more and with 8GB of RAM, I said that’s it. Then I saw a lot of tutorials with developers on a mac computer and I thought: hmm I need that type of computer to be a good developer.

Meantime I got a new job with a 2012 Macbook pro upgraded to 16GB of ram. That was awesome.

But it was almost 2017 and I had a 5-year-old laptop and I thought that I need an upgrade. I bought a 2015 mid MacBook pro with 16GB of ram, and an i5, it was awesome.

But at work, things go slow so I decided to use my own laptop for work. After almost one year the company decided to buy me a new 2019 MacBook pro i7, with 16GB of ram. Super cool spaceship and I left the company after 6 months.

After all, I was a better programmer and in 2020 I decided to buy myself a gift for my birthday, a Macbook PRO 2020, i9, 32GB RAM, and a real rocket. But you know what?

I’m a better programmer not because of my laptop power, but because of my skills. I can still code on my first computer and do a great job because it wasn’t it, I was the one who needed an upgrade.

So if you think you need the latest MacBook pro to be a real pro. No that’s false.

Improve yourself!

Image by Innova Labs from Pixabay


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