People don’t care about you, until they know you care about them.

People don’t care about you, until they know you care about them.

People don’t care about you, until they know you care about them.

This is a powerful lesson that I learned in my journey as a software developer and entrepreneur. Software is not just about writing code, it’s about solving problems and creating value for people.

I used to think that if I built a great product, people would automatically come and buy it. But I soon realized that this was not enough. I had to understand the needs, pains, and goals of my potential customers. I had to show them that I cared about their success and happiness.

That’s why I started to focus more on building relationships, not just features. I started to listen more, ask more questions, and provide more value. I started to offer free consultations, demos, and trials. I started to share useful content, tips, and insights on social media and blogs. I started to engage with my audience and get feedback.

And guess what? It worked. People started to notice me, trust me, and buy from me. They started to refer me to their friends and colleagues. They started to become loyal and repeat customers.

People are the most important asset in any software business. Without them, there is no business. If you want to succeed in this competitive and fast-changing industry, you have to care about people first. You have to offer value before you ask for anything in return.


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