The first client of LoyalXpert is not answering anymore

The first client of LoyalXpert is not answering anymore

I want to share with you a recent experience I had as a SaaS founder trying to implement my loyalty system app, LoyalXpert, in the market.

LoyalXpert is an app that helps coffee shops to reward their loyal customers with personalized offers and discounts. It also helps them to collect feedback and data to improve their service and products.

After many failed discussions with potential clients, I finally found one coffee shop owner who was eager to discuss about the app. He liked the idea and decided to use it immediately. He onboarded his clients, around 15-20, and I granted him a business advantage by offering the app in exclusivity for one or two months. During this time, he was supposed to offer feedback and help me to improve the app.

However, after 3-4 days, he stopped replying to my messages and didn’t offer any feedback. He then suddenly disappeared. I thought it was a temporary situation and waited for him to come back, but after one week, I realized he was not interested anymore. I felt disappointed and frustrated, but I decided to move on, because the business cannot stay on hold.

I talked with another coffee shop owner, who agreed to implement the app in his coffee shops and help me with feedback. For this, I offered him extra 14 days, one month in total, of exclusivity. And to my surprise, from the first day, he onboarded 50 clients and it grows each day. He also gives me valuable feedback and suggestions to make the app better. He is very happy with the app and so am I.

Image by Anja from Pixabay


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