Git clone private repo in docker

Git clone private repo in docker

A simple how to guide to use git clone of a private repository inside docker container. With vuejs / nodejs app.

The package.json build script

  "build": "vue-cli-service build --port 8003", # for vuejs projects
  "start:prod": "babel-node ./src/index.js", # for nodejs projects with babel-node

env file


Vuejs app

# Choose and name our temporary image.
FROM alpine as intermediate

# Take an SSH key as a build argument.

# Install dependencies required to git clone.
RUN apk update && \
    apk add --update git && \
    apk add --update openssh

# 1. Create the SSH directory.
RUN mkdir -p /root/.ssh/
# 2. Populate the private key file.
RUN echo "$SSH_KEY" > /root/.ssh/id_rsa
# 3. Set the required permissions.
RUN chmod -R 600 /root/.ssh/
# 4. Add github to our list of known hosts for ssh.
RUN ssh-keyscan -t rsa >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

# inject a datestamp arg which is treated as an environment variable and
# will break the cache for the next RUN command

# Clone a repository
RUN git clone [email protected]:USER/REPO_NAME.git

# default branch is master/main
# if you need to change the branch uncomment the following lines
# RUN cd /REPO_NAME && \
#    git checkout YOUR_BRANCH

## Build Stage ##

# pull the Node.js Docker image
FROM node:lts-alpine

# install simple http server for serving static content
RUN npm install -g http-server

# create the directory inside the container
WORKDIR /usr/src/app

# copy essential files to install dependencies
COPY --from=intermediate /REPO_NAME/app/package*.json .
COPY --from=intermediate /REPO_NAME/app/babel.config.js .
COPY --from=intermediate /REPO_NAME/app/vue.config.js .

# run npm install in our local machine
RUN npm install

# copy the generated modules and all other files to the container
COPY --from=intermediate /REPO_NAME/app/src/ ./src

# build app for production with minification
RUN npm run build

# our app is running on port 8003 within the container, so need to expose it

# the command that starts our app
CMD [ "http-server", "dist", "--port","8003" ]

# if you have a nodejs project, is not needed http-server,
# you can comment the line above and uncomment the next one
# CMD ["npm", "run", "start:prod"]

Docker-compose file

version: '3.3'

      context: .
      dockerfile: app.Dockerfile
      - SSH_KEY=${SSH_KEY}
    container_name: app
    restart: always
      - postgres
      - "8003:8003"
      - my-network

    driver: bridge


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