Free resources to start a career as developer

Free resources to start a career as developer

When I started my journey as developer, I tried to figure it out a way of finding the best resources out there. How can I learn something new, without someone to teach me? Well, I can learn by myself, but for that I need materials.

That is exactly what I’m describing below. It is a list with links, articles and other resources only for you.

Learn to code

Online Tools



Where to find books?

I’ve wrote an article some time ago Complete list with reading resources and free books

You are thinking beyond of cloud, maybe you’re an entrepreneur?

What to listen to, when you code?

It depends by your vibe, but sometimes I listen Snoop Dog, Bug Mafia, etc. But mostly, if I need to concentrate I listen to some chill music.

Assets and images for free

Discover free assets and images list

Mockup List of Tools

Discover - Mockup List of Tools

Where to find inspiration

Where to host your project for free

I’ve wrote a full article about Hosting providers - free & paid.


  • Barba.js - Barba.js is a progressive enhancement library to create fluid and smooth transitions between your website’s pages.


The list is updated constantly, bookmark this into your browser…

What is your excuse to not start today?!


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