TikTok Ads Strategy from a SaaS founder

TikTok Ads Strategy from a SaaS founder


  • the video will be filmed as a selfie where I, the founder talk about the product
  • it should look like a regular Tiktok, not an ad. but it should interrupt the user from scrolling and stay on the video
  • cut every 2 seconds
  • switch the shoot/cut every two seconds, like move around
  • add some personality within… at each 10-12 seconds, add a cut with some crazy sounds like beeps or something disruptive. The sound is max 1s long
  • do something strange with the sound like whispering
  • TikTok says you should keep the ads short, but in fact, keep them longer like 1m

The script will have 5 steps:

  1. Tease a secret: start the video with something like “Did you know there’s a secret way to get X in Y amount of time ”, where X = replace with your desired result and Y = the time
  2. Tell a story: tell a story of the empathetic pain point that your product or service solves. And here’s an example “Three years ago I started my YouTube channel. nobody watched anything. Every single day I would open up YouTube Studio and I’m like Why am I putting this much work into it? I threw my phone across the room, I went to my wife and I was like this is worth it, I’m gonna have to give up on this and I almost gave up.
  3. Turning point: this is when you turn the previous story with the benefits of your product. in the previous example, you would say something like “But then I discovered X”, where X is your product or service
  4. Teach: and teach them how to get the results with your product or service. like step 1 do this, step 2 do this, and so on
  5. Transition: is just the Call to action like “if you wanna see more just click below”


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