Company vs. Individual Brand

Company vs. Individual Brand

Release digital products under company’s brand / website or create an individual brand for that product?

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1/ Company Brand vs. Individual Brand

Large corporations tend to experience the most advantages as multiple brands work together to generate multiple revenue streams.

Small businesses may not have the capital available to start multiple brands.

2/ When the individual #brand structure is better? One of these should apply for products or services:

  • serve different #audiences
  • have separate #visions and #purposes
  • each is strong enough to stand on its own without the endorsement of the parent #brand

3/ A good example is #google which use the brand house: #GooglePlay, #GoogleDrive, etc. But with the time it starts to move the #products under #individualbrand for cars or others. They created #alphabet to remove the confusion with the brand.

4/ There are many reasons why having two websites is not a great:

  • hard to maintain two #websites.
  • costs more to manage two websites.
  • #SEO for two websites is more expensive and takes more time.
  • Duplicate content can hurt your #ranking.

5/ EA is a #videogame multi-brand #company which use a single #website for its #products.

6/ A single #domain strategy is when you own just one website.

When you concentrate on building a single #website, you’ll usually get better results than spreading it across multiple #sites.

Having a single website will also save you time in the start-up phase.

7/ Offering #products or #services across multiple #websites can make it more challenging for the visitors.

8/ It will cost less to optimize a single site than it would to optimize multiple websites.

9/ Multiple domain strategy means that you own multiple website.

This is a viable option for #companies with diverse #products and #services.

10/ If you see the #business you’re about to start as a #company that you’d like to #sell, or have someone else take it over and run it, then setup a separate #website..

11/ Found a great example of a company with multiple games, One page for each product.

12/ similar example with


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