How to cold email

How to cold email

You probably know what cold email is, if not, let’s define it on short:

A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. It could also be defined as the email equivalent of cold calling. Cold emailing is a subset of email marketing and differs from transactional and warm emailing. Wikipedia

How to Check if an Email is Valid

Many emails could contain typing errors or can be simply spam. In order to have a clean reputation of your domain is a good think to start by checking your email list, before sending. If you don’t check if email is valid, you risk hurting your sender reputation and increasing your bounce rate. This means that email service providers may mark your messages as spam.

Method 1: Send an Email to the Address

Simple as that send an email and see if you receive an error like “Message not Delivered” or “Address not Found”.

Method 2: Password Recovery

If the email address is one of,,, etc … you got the idea, go to the recovery password, fill their email and then see the result. If the email is not valid, you’ll be notified.

Method 3: Search the Address in Google

This method won’t tell you that an email address is fake, but it can tell you that it is valid. It works because most people have a presence on the internet.

Method 5: Email Checker

Fake email messages are a problem these days. You can use a free email validation tool.

How to check the spammyness level of your email

To check the spamyness level of your email I prefer to use a free tool called Mail Tester

Finding prospects

  1. LeadGibbon Email Finder chrome extension

how you find what doesn’t work?

  1. Send emails
  2. Bounce rate high? get better leads
  3. Open rate low? Change subject
  4. No responses? Rewrite email
  5. Negative responses? Change offer


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