Promote the mobile application in 13 steps

Promote the mobile application in 13 steps

Everyone wants a mobile application lately and most of the time I don’t know what it means to create a mobile application. The hardest part is definitely not finding a team of programmers to technically implement your vision. What is most difficult to achieve, in fact, is promoting the application.

During this article, we set out to approach a complete study on the subject. We have divided this article into two categories, depending on the financial investment: free and paid promotion. Obviously, nothing is free and each of them comes with a certain cost, but we made this division based on direct financial investment. Because we want to respond promptly to your requirements, we present the table of contents:

  1. ASO (App Store Optimization)
    1. The title of a mobile application
    2. Description from the App Store and Google Play Store
    3. Keywords in the Apple App Store
    4. Logo
    5. Request user reviews
    6. Testing and optimization
  2. Using a landing page
    1. What is a landing page?
    2. What information do you have on the landing page to promote the application?
    3. Purchasing users before launch
    4. Call to Action (CTA)
    5. Generates organic traffic
  3. Blog articles
    1. Creates application marketing content
    2. Write guest posts on niche blogs
  4. Social Media
  5. Promote the mobile application using videos
  6. Promote your app in the comments
  7. Record a Podcast about the application
  8. Free trials
    1. Implement a conversion plan
    2. Limit the duration of the free trial plan
    3. Set limits for free trial plans
    4. Request payment for a full subscription early and frequently
    5. Connect with the audience
  9. Offer discount
  10. Post the application on ProductHunt
  11. Create content that can be distributed
  12. Apply to application rewards contests
  13. Post the app on review sites

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