How to setup Docker with static HTML file

How to setup Docker with static HTML file

Are you ready to launch your static website with HTML, Docker and NginxProxyManager. Check this out and do it yourself pretty easy.


FROM node:lts-alpine

# install simple http server for serving static content
RUN yarn global add serve

# make the 'app' folder the current working directory
WORKDIR /usr/src/website

# copy project files and folders to the current working directory (i.e. 'app' folder)
COPY . .

CMD [ "serve", "-p", "8080"]


version: "3.3"

    image: "jc21/nginx-proxy-manager:latest"
    container_name: yourproject-ngxinxproxymanager
    restart: unless-stopped
      - "80:80" # Public HTTP Port
      - "443:443" # Public HTTPS Port
      - "81:81" # Admin Web Port
      # Add any other Stream port you want to expose
      # - '21:21' # FTP
      - yourproject-network
      # the SQLite DB file within the container
      DB_SQLITE_FILE: "/data/database.sqlite"
      # Uncomment this if IPv6 is not enabled on your host
      # DISABLE_IPV6: 'true'
      - ./data:/data
      - ./letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt

      context: ../website
      dockerfile: ../docker/website.Dockerfile
    container_name: yourproject-website
    restart: always
      - "8081:8080"
      - yourproject-network

    driver: bridge

    driver: local
      type: none
      o: bind
      device: "${PWD}/db-data"

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