Email campaign improving my SaaS convertion - Manager Flota

Email campaign improving my SaaS convertion - Manager Flota

Manager Flota is growing, slowly, but surely, I hope. 2 or 3 weeks ago we started an FB campaign targeting fleet managers. The results impressed me. But nothing goes perfectly every day, and here we need to embrace the problem and fix it.

People see the ad, start a trial and that’s it. It’s true that most of the clients who came from FB ads are small fleets, under 5-10 drivers. Our solution works great for them too. But bigger fleets have bigger pains and have more interest in using our app.

I had to think about where’s the bottleneck and how I can remove it. That’s why I analyzed the accounts and how they use the app step by step, after registration. And here’s what I discovered:

  1. register
  2. The trial starts, automatically ;
  3. We have two categories of users:
    • first, who goes to reports and generates a report (is empty);
    • the second who adds drivers and then generates reports;

Because it was easier to discover this pattern I’ve implemented something very quick. Send a welcoming email where the user gets the steps:

  1. Add drivers
  2. Import the report from the partner (Bolt, Splash, Uber). Then the platform generates the payment report for the fleet.

After a few days following the result, I see an improvement. New users start to add drivers and then generate the reports.

I’ve implemented an improvement, but don’t cover all cases. I had to brainstorm more and come up with a better idea.

And it came.

What if I send more emails, helping the user to do the next step?! That means I’ll send an email to the fleet manager after registration after he adds drivers, and so on.

And here’s the plan:

  • send in days 1,2,3,7,10,11,12 an email reminding you to add drivers;
  • send in days 1,2,3,7,10,11,12 an email reminding you to import reports of partners and generate your payment reports. I send the email only if the fleet added drivers before;
  • send in days 13 and 14 an email reminding you to subscribe to a full plan. And don’t miss the advantages offered by

Back to the present.

I finished the implementation and have no idea how this will perform. But better keep the user closer and help him with the onboarding. I don’t want to spam him, but I don’t want to miss him too. Better to be pushy, making him move forward.

If you have any ideas, advice, or comments. Please leave them below.


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